Early detection saves lives.

Melanoma is a cancer of the pigment-producing cells in the skin. Melanoma can arise anywhere on the body, even in areas that have never been exposed to the sun. Melanoma can be raised or flat, fast or slow-growing and can rarely be pink or flesh-coloured (especially in fair-skinned people). It is one of the most deadly forms of skin cancer and needs to be treated early to avoid poor outcomes.

Every year in New Zealand Melanoma kills more people than the road toll. With a new diagnosis every 3-4 days in the Taranaki region early detection saves lives so if you have a skin lesion you are worried about please take up our offer of a free spot check and allow our team of experts to ensure you are safe from skin cancer.

Our Accredited Skin Cancer Team are here to support you from diagnosis to treatment and beyond right beside you every step along the way.